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29 paź 2020, 2:09

cyber tanks is always restarting my client even with the disable mods unchecked as well as it is restarting my client in windowed mode and at times when using auto aiming it tries to move my tank and when i try to get control of my tank it starts pinging places on the map as well as every now and then i get a message saying screenshoterDx: !CreateDevice-2005530520 with a time a date stamp and what looks to be a green bug image what is this
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29 paź 2020, 14:08

screenshooterDx means that You should update Your NVIDIA/AMD drivers to latest :)
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30 paź 2020, 4:20

well thats funny since there was an update to cyber tank today and the message e saying screenshoterDx:! CreateDevice-2005530520 is no longer there and alas i still have yet to update my NVIDIA / AMD drivers but that might be, because there are no updates to install but the other issues i had seem to have been fixed thank you